Other Services

Other exclusive services that complete our offer

Cosmetics and hairdressing – Looking good and well-groomed makes you feel ready for great parties.

For weddings and/or representative events, we are happy to arrange experienced and renowned cosmetic studios and hairdressing salons on Mallorca, which conscientiously and according to ‘all the rules of the art’ take care of the appearance appropriate to the occasion. Should it be necessary, our partners for ‘skin and hair’ will also visit you in the accommodation and at short notice before the event.

Brautstyling mit Haarschmuck
Hochzeitsredner bei der Arbeit

Wedding speaker for a free wedding ceremony: Nowadays, weddings without God’s blessing are common and usual.

You would like to give your loved one your vows for the rest of your life together, but you don’t attach any importance to a religious setting? This is no longer a problem, even in Spain, which is supposedly still so religious and Catholic. We are happy to organise rhetorically gifted and linguistically skilled speakers for free secular weddings, who will seal your bond of love without invoking the Bible.

Pastor for a church wedding: A village church on Mallorca is pure romance.

As we all know, weddings are just like any other event in life: Tastes are usually very different and with such a far-reaching decision as a marriage, husband and wife usually want the prelude to be as close as possible to what they had in mind. So if you want a wedding ceremony like something out of a fairy tale, in a small church, with a suit and wedding dress and a clergyman in front of the altar who speaks consecrated words and solemnly marries you, we will gladly arrange a pastor for you.

Priester bei einer Trauung